27 February 2018


2018 has been a wonderful year so far. On the 29th of January, Dave and I got to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on a cruise to the Bahamas. It is something that I've been apprehensive about for a long time because of my fear of getting sea sick but it all ended up ok. Especially for Dave because he loves the beach and the water. He even got to "snuba" which he said was loads of fun. If it wasn't for Angie and Edward we probably would have never gone.  They arranged everything so I'm truly thankful for their thoughtfulness of getting us going. 

Scoot eating green eggs and ham on the cruise
and meeting the Cat in the Hat
Selfie at the private island

Before we headed out
 I got a picture of Dave overlooking Miami
Dave and Locke at a Museum in Miami

Scoot loving the sand with Angie

Highlight for me was going to places
from my lds mission almost 30 years ago,
This is Hialeah Park

This is where I served most my mission,
 the Spanish Ward in Hialeah

35 years and counting

Someone's ready to go home...lol

07 June 2016


Well, I've been on my service mission for a week and I've been learning lots.  I remember when I went on my proselytizing mission over thirty-five years ago and I had a couple of companions during the mission that were in their sixties and I remember how hard it was for them to remember "the discussions" that we learned. Now that I've aged I can feel their pain. I'm learning a lot more different thing on the computer that I never thought I'd be exposed to and it's been truly out of my comfort zone but it's good for me. With faith I can tell that the Lord is guiding and helping me with this journey. We were told in one of our lessons to try to do things outside our comfort level and so one extra thing I decided to do was to put some relatives on the findagrave website.  Findagrave has always been a favorite tool of mine and even though I became a member of it over two years ago, I haven't actively shared any graves on it.  So I've added a few graves and told my sister about it and I told her that it would be fun to have a pseudonym for my name on Findagrave. She came up with "Gravehart" which I thought was perfect.   Thanks Martha.  

01 June 2016

Back Again

Well it's been a long time since I've blogged but I just got called to be a Family History Service Missionary.  I've been working at our family history center here in Fayetteville for over a year and have loved it and I've been keeping up a blog for my daughter Jessica who is on a mission so I have really felt the urgency to start recording my activities again so HERE I GO!
Me, Marie Catlett, Ricky John and Louis Burton did a radio broadcast on Sunday. I talked about Family History

07 December 2011

Latest Family Stuff

Here's Carson at his Christmas Concert
Gray's Creek Middle School
Edward and Angie
Thanksgiving Weekend
and the "Stinkin' Dote"
as she's fondly known
Carson got his wisdom teeth pulled
the day before Thanksgiving
We traveled to Pensacola on Veteran's Weekend
Beautiful Beach!
Are we having fun yet???
We went to see Martha and Hugh,
visiting their oldest son Rick who
is stationed there.
Rick, Wendy & sweet family
We tried local food like
deep fried cheesecake...Yum!
We found great shells at the beach.
The water was beautiful!
We saw the Blue Angels Air Show.
Deep sea fishing was a blast.
We had the best fish tacos
made by Hugh, Rick & Wendy
Great trip, Love Florida!!!
Our Ward's Young Women's Excellence
was great!
Loved our Youth Theme for the year
13th Article of Faith
Our annual Stake Youth Service Project
putting flags at the Veteran's Cemetery
Cold morning but we had a good group there
Halloween Punks at our
Ward Trunk or Treat
(Carson, Eric & Christian)
Angie's 28!
Birthday Celebration
Haven't shared a story in a while so here's the one about Angie's birth. Angie was our honeymoon baby and before she was conceived, I had to have a rubella vaccination to get our marriage license in the state of California. The doctors advised me not to get pregnant for at least three months following the vaccination or the baby would be at risk for birth defects. Well, Angie was conceived and when I told the doctor, he encouraged me to terminate my pregnancy. I wasn't expecting such pressure from a doctor. It really caught me off guard and shook me up but I stuck to my principles and told him that I wouldn't be terminating my pregnancy. Later, I did some research and found out that Angie wasn't at risk as much as the doctor led me to believe. Children are blessings from God. Elder Neil L. Anderson said in conference that "many in today's world marginalize the importance of having children." I guess that would include even some doctors. Angie is a joy and blessing in my life. I've always told her that she truly wanted to get here to this world and experience all she can. She's always had that type of personality, even from her birth.
“Motherhood is not a hobby,
it is a calling.
You do not collect children
because you find them cuter than stamps.
It is not something to do
if you can squeeze the time in.
It is what God gave you time for.”
~Rachel Jankovic