27 October 2008


Friday, we had our annual
"trunk or treat" ward activity.
The kids dressed up and had lots of fun.
CARSON is "Link" from the video game "Zelda"
with his friend ERIC

JESSICA is a cat burglar with a unabrow


08 October 2008


I loved general conference this weekend. I always look forward to listening to the leaders of the church. One thing I like to do is pick my favorite talks out of all who spoke and its always so hard because I love them all. Anyway, here's my top three. First, I liked Elder Wirthlin because he was so funny. He talked about adversity. He told some funny personal stories and gave good advice from his mother. She always told him, "Come what may and love it." My favorite quote:
"Learn to laugh...
next time you're tempted to groan,
you might try to laugh instead.
It will extend your life
and make the lives of all those around you enjoyable."
Joseph B. Wirthlin

Second, I enjoyed Elder Ballard. He gave a history of the great and marvelous work of the restored gospel on the earth and the challenges of those people who brought forth the gospel in thses latter-days. He encouraged us to keep our faith and I especially was inspired by these words:
"The Lord isn't asking us
to load up a handcart;
He's asking us to foritify our faith.
He isn't asking us
to walk across a continent;
He's asking us to walk across the street
to visit our neighbors.
He isn't asking us
to give all our worldly possesions to build a temple;
He's asking us
to give of our means and our time
to continue to build temples and then
to attend regularly the temples already built.
He isn't asking us to die a martyr's death;
He's asking us to live a disciple's life. . .
We can't afford to be superficially righteous.
Our testimonies must run deep with spiritual roots."
M. Russell Ballard

Last but not least, I loved President Monson. He is always so upbeat and positive. Here were some of my favorite quotes:

"Don't let important things pass you by. . .
have joy in the journey. . .
There is no tomorrow to remember
if we don't do something today. . .
Rather than dwelling on the past,
we should make the most of today--
of the here and now,
doing all we can to provide pleasant memories for the future."
Thomas S. Monson

03 October 2008


Dave's sister Kim was married on the 13th of September.
A beautiful wedding on a farm near historic Staunton, Virginia. Dave's dad, Walter, was there with his wife Fran. Also there was his brother Chris, sister Karen with her husband Scott & their three boys and Kim's son Corte. Uncle Earl and Aunt Joan were there along with other relatives from Barbara's side of the family. It was great fun and we loved being in Virginia.
Welcome to the family Brett!

Having Fun Waiting For The Ceremony

Storybook Horsedrawn Carriage