18 October 2011

Hilda Brock

Hilda Brock, my dear friend, passed away on October 12th.  She was one of the first people I met when we moved to North Carolina in 1987.  She called me her "Old Shoe" because we always felt so comfortable with each other.  There was never a need to impress or prove anything we just had pure joy being together.  I had come to find out that she was that way with many folks.  She always made me feel like I was her best friend.
I learned lots of things from Hilda, love, kindness and pure southern hospitality. One of the memorable lessons I learned from Hilda, that I take great pleasure in, is how to teach music to children. Once when I was in the Primary Presidency at church our music leader couldn't come and Hilda filled in. I never saw children sing louder and full of the Spirit more than when Hilda was leading the music. It was her love of music and love of the messages of the songs that made her the perfect leader. I later had the opportunity to serve as a music leader and I found myself saying "How would Hilda do this" She was a great example.  Primary Music Leader came to be my favorite calling in the church because of Hilda.

I loved Hilda's relationship with her husband Carson. They were a true team. I'll never forget one Saturday when this dear couple spent the whole day with us. I'm certain Carson wanted us to get a taste of true "southern hospitality". We started at their home where Hilda made us a traditional southern breakfast with grits, bacon, eggs and Hilda's famous biscuits (to die for) Then Carson took us all over Hope Mills and the greater Fayetteville area giving us a wonderful tour. It was a great day but didn't end there. Later than night we had a visit from Santa-Carson and Mrs. Claus-Hilda. We were just one stop of the many they took that evening. They loved to spread their cheer and we were so blessed by having them as our friends.
Carson passed away about 15 years ago to brain cancer. The hardest thing to watch has been seeing Hilda without her dear companion.   I'm so grateful they are reunited now, spreading their cheer to those on the other side.
Our "Carson" named for Carson Brock
and Jessica
at Hilda and Carson's grave

 "Death is a mere comma,
 not an exclamation point!"
~Neal A. Maxwell


  1. What a wonderful tribute to such a special lady! I am so glad you had her in your life! I always think about places I have lived and the people that I have come to love in that place and it makes me so happy that I had the opportunity to live there and know them! Carson was the cutest Santa Claus ever!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Regardless of our faith, it is always hard. But, I'm so glad that you had the privilege of having such a dear friend! I'm so glad, that like families, friendships are also eternal!!!

  3. Wow Beth! Hope all is well. What a nice tribute. Carson is looking so mature. Hope you got that biscuit recipe. Love you, call me.

  4. It's been over a year now, and the past few weeks Carson & Hilda Brock have been in my thoughts more so than usual. I guess the holidays do that. My name is Jennifer Davis, and I am the daughter of Brenda, Carson & Hilda's daughter. Thank you for writing such a loving tribute to them. They were truly amazing and are very loved and missed.
    ~Jennifer Davis
    P.S. If you need the biscuit recipe, you can email me at akjenny@yahoo.com and I will email it to you.

  5. Thanks, Beth, for the tribute to my mom and dad. They were wonderful people - and I miss them. Am so grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever. Thanks, again.

    Brenda Kimble