07 June 2016


Well, I've been on my service mission for a week and I've been learning lots.  I remember when I went on my proselytizing mission over thirty-five years ago and I had a couple of companions during the mission that were in their sixties and I remember how hard it was for them to remember "the discussions" that we learned. Now that I've aged I can feel their pain. I'm learning a lot more different thing on the computer that I never thought I'd be exposed to and it's been truly out of my comfort zone but it's good for me. With faith I can tell that the Lord is guiding and helping me with this journey. We were told in one of our lessons to try to do things outside our comfort level and so one extra thing I decided to do was to put some relatives on the findagrave website.  Findagrave has always been a favorite tool of mine and even though I became a member of it over two years ago, I haven't actively shared any graves on it.  So I've added a few graves and told my sister about it and I told her that it would be fun to have a pseudonym for my name on Findagrave. She came up with "Gravehart" which I thought was perfect.   Thanks Martha.  

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  1. So excited for you. You're off to a great start. Hurrah for Israel!