22 March 2009

Martha Ann & Steven David Together

My parents first born grandchild was my sister's oldest, "Martha Ann" named after my sister and my paternal grandmother. She came 32 years ago on March 21st. Interestingly, her birthday is the same as my parents youngest granddaughter, my daughter, Jessica. Martha Ann left us as she was born. My sister had complications with her pregnancy bringing on the delivery that was too early for Martha Ann to survive. An interesting fact is that she was delivered in Lancaster California even though my sister was living in Utah at the time. She came to see my older brother, Mark, return from his mission and upon arrival to Lancaster, she started having contractions. The baby didn't survive and she was buried in a children's section of a cemetery in Lancaster. Ten years later another tragedy in the family, our baby son Steven David passed away upon a family visit to Lancaster. Curiously, the grave next to Martha Ann had never been taken for use in that ten year period and so we were able to bury our baby next to Martha Ann. Somehow, I believe they were meant to be next to each other. When I visit my family in California we take the time to go visit the graves. But I have greater solace knowing that my sister Martha, now resides in Lancaster and can visit the grave more frequently.

"Families can be together forever."

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  1. What a beautiful story and tribute. i like your music that accompanies your blog too. It certainly adds to the solace.